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Traditional Medicine and Hydrotherapy Research Center

The ARUMS Traditional Medicine and Hydrotherapy Research Center (TMHRC) was established in 2020 as an academic research institution in order to develop research in traditional medicine and hydrotherapy through discovering and expanding knowledge, increase research capabilities at the national and regional levels and educate academic scholars.

TMHRC was officially approved by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education in May 2020.

The most important task of the center is to document the interventional health and treatment in traditional medicine by modern medical evidence and affordable methods, as well as refining and integrating such information with the modern medicine, learn from each other, and jointly promote the human Health.

Traditional medicine and hydrotherapy research center

Address:Traditional medicine and hydrotherapy research center,Imam Khomeini Educational and Medical Center in Ardabil, Shahid Noe Aghdam Street, Ardabil.

Tel: +98 (045) 31422529-31422557




Traditional Medicine and Hydrotherapy Research Center, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences, Ardabil, Iran